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Sudan: The Women’s Revolution

Paris - Since the 30 year-long reign of President Omar al-Bashir, Sudanese women have experienced gender discrimination and civil rights violations for decades. They have long been silenced for their…

Burundian Girls Face Jail for Doodling

Burundian authorities have detained three girls for scribbling over their president’s picture. In an almost surrealistic turn of events, three teenage girls have been arrested for the crime of defacing…

Libya’s City of Tawergha: A Ghost Town
Libya's City of Tawergha: A Ghost Town

Libya’s City of Tawergha: A Ghost Town

In 2011, the victorious militia of Misrata waged an offensive in several towns and cities allied with the Gadhafi regime, including Tawergha. As a result, the residents of Tawergha forcibly…

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