AFDH’s Workshop Discusses Famine in Yemen

AFDH’s Workshop Discusses Famine in Yemen

Paris – Yesterday, 25th October, the French city of Nice hosted a workshop discussing the various human rights violations occurring in the Middle East.

The workshop which was organized by The Francophone Association for Human Rights, brought together several distinguished speakers, human rights associations, NGOs and activists.

The participants discussed the critical human rights situation facing the Middle East today, stressing the importance of creating an effective method for administering aide to the victims of human rights abuses in the region.

Marina Matkova, one of the main speakers at the workshop, painted a dire picture of the famine facing Yemeni civilians. She described in detail the complex history of the current conflict and its many players, finishing with the desperate food scarcity in the country, due to the effect of drought, destruction of infrastructure and the sanctions imposed by Saudi Arabia and its allies.

“NGOs must work together to help alleviate the situation in Yemen” ,Matkova added.

“Things are going from bad to worse, and unfortunately political expediency seems to be setting the agenda, every player in the region and outside it are playing politics and war without the benefit of a rule book and the people are paying the price” stated AFDH.

“We stand in solidarity with all those who face injustice, whatever their race, creed or sex” stated AFDH in a further statement concerning the Yemen, and added “the conflict in Yemen seems to have run into a stalemate, which no side can shift, the best possible option left for the warring parties is to come to political settlement, this will be the best outcome for the people of Yemen”.

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