AFDH Stresses Discrimination Against Women Wearing Headscarves

AFDH Stresses Discrimination Against Women Wearing Headscarves

Paris – During the 44th regular session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Francophone Association for Human Rights (AFDH) and the Global Institute for Water, Environment and Health (GIWEH) submitted a statement aiming to fight discrimination against women wearing headscarves in Europe.

In a joint statement submitted to the Human Rights Council on Tuesday, both AFDH and GIWEH aimed to fight all forms of gender-based discrimination, notably the issue of women wearing headscarves in Europe. These women are constantly infantilized, ridiculed, harassed, professionally excluded and humiliated in public. As soon as a woman puts on a headscarf in Europe, she is no longer seen as a woman in her own right, but rather as a girl with no intellectual and analytical capacity of her own.

Discriminatory laws in Europe invariably violate Article 9 of the European Convention on Human Rights, which gives everyone the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. Whether European or refugee women, they often fight alone the violence and inequalities they face on a daily basis. Such violence inevitably affects them psychologically and socially. Reports from international organizations and civil society organizations have highlighted a considerable increase in violence against them in recent years in the public and private spheres.

AFDH firmly believes that measures need to be taken to ensure that women have access to their human and social rights and needs with regard to individual freedom, education, social protection and well-being in order to prevent violence and other forms of abuse against them.

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