Who We Are ?


AFDH is a non-profit association committed to the defense of human rights through bringing to light the human rights injustices experienced by the people of MENA, We are a dynamic group of volunteer activists and human rights professionals hailing from different disciplines including communications and media experts, sociologists, legal experts and investigative writers. What brings us together is our belief that change is possible, sharing an aspiration for creating a better tomorrow, and spreading a culture of respect for our shared humanity and equal rights.

Our aim is to monitor the human rights situation in the MENA region, as well as to create awareness about the human rights violations occurring in the region. 

We share the francophone values that made the world move away from autocracy towards enlightenment. Equality, Liberty and Fraternity are words we live by and a credo guiding our actions, we intend to remind the francophone world of its invaluable heritage and hope to share it with the rest of the world in a culturally respectful and inclusive way.

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