What We Do ?

We Do ...

We gather, investigate, and diffuse human rights abuses from the MENA region through the francophone world. Through extensive background checks on the cases we adopt we disseminate them to media outlets and provide an in-depth legal analysis.

We help foster and create a common vision for the importance of human rights irrespective of cultural differences, religious or ethnic backgrounds, inform and influence the francophone world on the situation in the MENA.

It is our hope and aspiration to become a wave of change in the turbulent political landscape that has become the MENA region, furthering the cause of human rights there, as well as help provide a voice for the voiceless.

We offer a free and secure platform for advocates and activists in which to exchange experiences, information and collaborate with each other: We coordinate and work together with other NGO’s to help advance the cause of human rights and civil liberties in the MENA region and the world at large.


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